Montblanc ballpoint pen StarWalker metal 118877

SKU: 118877


The new StarWalker tells of a journey through the stars, discovering the cosmos and unknown galaxies, to participate in one of the most mysterious and powerful adventures of mankind: the exploration of space. The new design of the collection celebrates the immense emotion, described by all astronauts, of the vision of our blue planet floating in the boundless vastness of space. The starwalker emblem's unique technology features a translucent blue dome beneath the Earth-inspired Montblanc emblem emerging from the lunar horizon. The StarWalker Metal comes with body and platinum finish details.


Clip:Platinum finish clip with Montblanc brand embossing and individual serial number

Body:Platinum finish



Writing system:Ballpoint pen


Size134.5x13.1 Mm

Weight:57.88 G

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