Ring leader. yellow gold 18kt Emerald and Diamonds

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Emerald is a variety of berillo, characterized by an intense green color, probably due to the presence of chromium (up to 0.19%) and possibly vanadium and iron. Only the presence of chromium makes the berillo an emerald; the berillo in which only the vanadium is present should instead be called green berillo.

In Buddhism it is considered one of the seven treasures and equated with the Wisdom. The word "emerald" comes from Latin smaragdus property, from Greek σμάραγδος (smàragdos), but its original source is izmargad, a Semitic term, or maragata -, a Sanskrit term, which literally means "green stone".

Emeralds tend to have numerous inclusions and cracks on their surface. Unlike diamonds, where integrity is measured using a 10x standard magnification lens, in emeralds it is measured with the naked eye.

Ident: 0194A

Material: Yellow Gold 18 kt

Stones: Emerald and Diamonds

Emerald Cut: Emerald

Emerald Carats: 1.00 ct

Diamond Cut: Brilliant

Brilliant Carats: 0.45 ct

Bright Color: G

Brilliant Purity: VVS

Size: 14

Weight: 7.5 g

Gender: Woman

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